Retail and E-commerce

We reinvent consumer goods, retail and e-commerce operations.

Retail: Transformation that drives customer engagement

Understand customer needs and become the leader in the fast-paced industry. Backed by an e-commerce platform with short time to market and scalability. Our solutions help retailers transform their internal processes for better asset management and merchandising, reduce lost sales, and improve mergers and acquisitions, supply chains and logistics.

Create a personalized sales experience across all channels and maximize your revenue

Today, consumer habits are changing very quickly. For brands, this means adapting to the unpredictable evolution of demand: every day, they have to make decisions to meet new uses.

Retailers must improve back-office functionality and tackle digital readiness to create an exceptional customer experience. Axis uses process automation,artificial intelligence and analytics to help retailers achieve this goal and more. We create valuable experiences to satisfy your consumers.

Commerce de détail et E-commerce - Agence Axis

Our revenue generating technology offerings

E-commerce website solutions

Our online commerce offering creates a healthy ecosystem of fully integrated experiences for online sellers and their customers.

E-commerce applications development

We support businesses by developing highly advanced, intuitive mobile apps, leading-edge features, with full flexibility for iOS and Android platforms. 

Payment gateway integration

We develop fully customized payment solutions that integrate with payment gateways such as PayPal, SecurePay, Amazon Payments, Braintree, First Data, Worldpay, Mobile Money etc.

Multi-site e-commerce

Our multi-site e-commerce solutions are particularly suited for companies with a footprint that spans multiple regions, languages and needs to manage multiple windows under a single administrator.

Open source e-commerce solutions

We create unique online stores from scratch with custom web design proposals using open source e-commerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Prestashop and Drupal Commerce.

Custom design of e-commerce storefronts

We offer a dedicated design to create intuitive e-commerce storefronts with custom templates. A modern front-end that allows for easy navigation to provide an enhanced user experience (UX).

B2B and B2C e-commerce software

We develop full-featured hybrid e-commerce solutions that manage B2B and B2C e-commerce operations from a single dashboard.

Store Management Solutions

Our store management solutions have important management features such as customer profiles, distribution centers, groups, refunds, accounts, email templates, drop shopping and help maintain supply and inventory levels.

Integrated sales and operations management

Our integrated approach to sales and operations management uses analytics, technology and process improvements to drive sales and reduce administrative tasks.