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Artificial Intelligence & RPA solutions

It must be said that the field of application of de l’Artificial Intelligence is gigantic, because it is a transversal IT discipline that can concern all sectors of a company or institution: marketing, finance, health, e-commerce, innovation / R&D, production, management and accounting, HR / training, legal, production, IT...

We create an environment of trust

We guarantee transparency, security and ease of integration. This way, our customers own and operate the solutions we offer.

We also play a role in this open source ecosystem. We contribute to the projects we use and we make our solutions available to the community. In fact, unlike the software Traditionally, computer systems with artificial intelligence have the ability to learn by themselves (without a programmer) from examples, which is beneficial to the company and its resources.
We are designers and developers of custom artificial intelligence, thanks to our advanced knowledge of the digital world and these technologies, we are able to develop AI solutions tailored to your needs. Depending on your expectations and objectives, we bring you growth, large-scale savings, time savings, performance...

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Artificial Intelligence fast and efficient transformation

Automated Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent automation combines RPA with Machine Learning to automate any process. It is also possible to automate a task as well as an entire process from end to end. For example, it can include document handling, as well as its decomposition and processing, but also its classification and understanding. Moreover, intelligent automation also allows the process to improve over time thanks to Machine Learning in order to deliver increasingly efficient results.

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Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Data analytics is increasingly used by businesses and institutions to simplify strategic decision making. However, processing and analyzing a large source of data can be complex. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to improve the quality of your data and optimize its processing. Today, an analytical AI can identify the sources of discrepancies between data, calibrate itself, automatically classify them, and finally propose corrections and/or predict figures.

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The artificial intelligence of Recognition

Artificial intelligence recognition allows to identify people, places, objects or any type of elements in order to analyze them and then automate this task. The categories vary according to the type of information requested. It can just as easily detect a desired element as it can assign specific information to an element and classify the information.

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Customized Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now widespread in companies and institutions, and there are clearly very few limits. Many companies and institutions have already noticed this and are now using it for different purposes: Automate processes, improve customer relations and customer journey, store and measure data... Depending on your problem, we propose you together a solution adapted to your needs to find together an answer to your needs.

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Fair for Questions

What is Artificial Intelligence?
Definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence is a process of imitating human intelligence that relies primarily on the creation and application of specific algorithms executed in a dynamic computer environment. Its goal is to enable computers to think and act like human beings.
What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
It can be useful in several areas, for example: In the automotive industry, AI drives autonomous vehicles via deep learning models; but also in banking and finance, it can estimate the risks of investments or trading: or in transportation, it accurately calculates the best routes and optimize the flow within the warehouse.