Web hosting

All websites are made of a domain name and a web host. Web hosting is defined as a data storage space that allows the backup and management of your website files. Even if your website is installed on a virtual private server it is not much different than renting a home.

Website hosting

Hosting is considered a basic Internet technology Basic Internet. The CPU or processor is the brain of the computer. Therefore, to integrate your website and manage it, you will need an appropriate computer core that is powerful enough for its proper functioning. For this, if you want to host your website, you will have several web hosting offers:
For example, you have a shared hosting (partagé), of the VPS server or the Cloud server, also known asAWS (Amazon Web Services). If your Website has a large number of resources and files in addition to having a lot of traffic, it is important to have a lot of bandwidth that allows your website to function efficiently.

Axis supports you in web hosting

Axis will guide and support you during all the steps of your project, from the creation of your website, the choice of the domain name and thehosting of your website, at low cost. In addition, the content management system of Axis will be adapted according to your needs. Axis is an agency that ensures the creation of responsive website, e-commerce website, web application, mobile application et ainsi que des APIs. Do you want to create a website to highlight your products, your principles or your company? Contact axis which has all the necessary skills for your project.

Hébergement web - Hébergement site web - Axis

Our methodology

Needs and estimates
Our agency receives your specifications and contacts you. Following this discussion, we send you a fully customized quote for your web hosting.
We migrate the files and the database of your website to the new web hosting. We perform this migration during off-peak hours to avoid maximum inconvenience to your visitors.
Monitoring and backups
We constantly monitor the proper functioning of the web server and can react within a minute in case of a problem. Backups are made and outsourced every week.

Fair for Questions

What is web hosting?
Web hosting definition
Web hosting refers to providing website creators with storage space, mainly on secure servers, so that websites can be accessed on the Web.
What is the role of a web host?
Axis is a web hosting company whose role is to
Provide secure storage for your various websites, e-commerce sites, etc.
What are the different types of web hosting?
What types of accommodation are available?
Shared hosting : means that several websites, including yours, share the same server. ... Dedicated hosting: offers a physical machine at your disposal. ... VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) ... The Cloud.