Building a smart business with digital technologies and advanced analytics. Axis unlocks the information that will help you build agility and resilience into your business.

From technology consulting to IT managed services for the unprecedented growth of the high-tech industry.

Technologies Technologies such as collaboration tools, IoT devices, smart, factories, OTT streaming platforms are transforming how businesses operate and how services are delivered to end consumers. High-speed connectivity, cloud computing, machine learning/artificial intelligence and natural language processing are just some of the technologies enabling this new range of communication services.

Transformation of high-tech companies

We create scalable growth and personalized customer experiences, which are essential for technology companies, we implement digital transformation based on AI thanks to our équipe multidisciplinary expertise in the innovation business, we will know how to accompany you and manage your entire project.

Axis partners with leaders to help them gain greater confidence in these changing environments. We seek to understand your organization's unique strengths, risks and opportunities, as well as the direction you want your business to take. We work with you to develop customized solutions that maximize your chances of success.

Transformation des entreprises High-Tech - Axis

Our offers for high-tech companies

Grand public High-Tech

Improve customer experiences, optimize value chains through our consulting and digital expertise in the consumer electronics industry.


We provide you with our expertise in DevOps and Cloud to accompany you in your evolution by using the best practices and platforms. We partner with the best providers such as AWS, Microsoft etc.

AI & automation

We help you take advantage of artificial intelligence and process automation.

Agile Transformation

Start your Agile journey with Axis, a results-based strategy that accelerates your business. We introduce Lean and Agile principles and practices to permanently transform the way you work throughout your organization. 


Creating value from data together, Axis Builds data andIA that drive your business forward, data gives you access to the kind of information that keeps you ahead of your competitors

Digital strategy

We work with you to define the best approach for your digital strategy, more digital means transforming the processes that slow down your business into processes that speed it up.